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Drinks and Crafts

Unlock your crafty side......drinks optional!

What is Drinks and Crafts?

We love drinks and we love crafts so we decided to put the two together and make it a business! Drinks and Crafts is combination of an online retail store, a traveling pop up shop and a home craft party business. As much as we enjoy crafting, we realized that we also love participating in local art events around Arizona and thus our retail side was born.

What is a Home Craft Party?

Do you love to hang out with your friends in social settings? Are you tired of the same old parties?

Have you ever wanted to be "crafty" but didn't know where to start?

We can help!

Let us bring all the supplies you need to have a fun, stress free craft party with a few of your closest friends!

What kind of crafts can I make? Our calendar changes monthly so the possibilities are endless.

Our home craft party calendar is currently under construction. If you are interested in scheduling a home craft party, please click on "Contact" above and fill in some general info and we will be happy to get back to you!